cover THE DEMIX: Escape From Jones Island


Track List
Secret Chiefs 3 - Hamaya
Axiome - Poque (live edit)
Boris - 放て! (japan version)
Abelcain - Canto X
Angelo Badalamenti - Dub Driving
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (Mummy Mix)
Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth - I Love You Mary Jane
Maldoror - The White Tears Of The Maggot
Maldoror - Chiffon Lingerie
Chris McCormack - Angered
Nine Inch Nails - Fist Fuck
Secret Machines - The Fire is Waiting
Naked City - Obeah Man
DJ Mahatma - Sick And Dart Free Chicks
Wale - The Artistic Integrity
Tomahawk - Harlem Clown
Hard Plainsdrifter - Ambivalence
Googer - Serial Killer
The Demix - Strange Things Happen at The One-Two Point


One late summer evening I found myself in somewhat of an altered state biking home to downtown from a friends in Bay View (Milwaukee, WI). I decided to follow the lake and ended up on the toxic wasteland that is known as Jones Island. I don't really know what goes on there, but it smells toxic and feels dirty. The sun was setting, I wasn't paying attention, I was listening to my ipod and all of a sudden I was in the middle of an urban industrial jungle surrounded by piles of salt, shipping containers, cylinders & tanks of who knows what. I was lost. I have a horrible sense of direction. I get lost 3 blocks form my apartment. bike faster. pretty sure at any point zombies or burly dock workers or mafioso guys were gonna jump me and kill me. Long story short. I was lost and starting to freak myself out... in all seriousness, I was pretty sure I was being followed by a dark blue pick up truck. Anyway, I finally found my way out, I lived and here we are, a mix of some music that was inspired by a truly fucked up night. I recorded this mix live in one day - I have done a few edits to it for sound quality and time. Due to an overwhelming nice response to this mix I'm releasing a limited edition Escape From Jones Island CD Digipak - The Cover is what you see above. You can download it here or get an actual copy, I don't care. Just take it, put on some headphones and get lost some where...

"Sinister, scary and toxic" -